The ‘Red Fascist’ Tankie, Praxis & Theory, and Praxis as Ableism

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The ‘Red Fascist’ Tankie

In the modern arena of the USAmerican left, the most often used (yet least understood) insult hurled by those on the ultra or fringe left is the term ‘tankie.’ The term originated as a derogatory term meant to describe members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) who followed the party line of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). This included agreeing with the crushing of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and later the Prague Spring of 1968 by Soviet tanks, thus the phrase ‘tankie.’

Since its historical origin, however, the meaning of the term has transitioned…

The Role of Sanctions In The Class Struggle

Modern Imperialism

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What Are Sanctions?

While the earlier stages of imperialism were trademarked by direct military conflict, colonialism, and the literal expansion of empire, imperialism today has taken a much more covert form: that of international sanctions.

The purpose of sanctions is to wage covert war against the citizens of a nation until either they or the nation’s leadership crack. It’s forced regime change at the expense of countless innocent lives. It’s genocide.

To say that a nation is a failure because they’ve been suffering these onslaughts for decades is ridiculous. Nations such as Cuba, the DPRK, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, &c. should be praised for…

How the Battle of Algiers Defies Master / Slave Morality

The Battle of Algiers presents a strong example of Nietzsche’s concept of ‘master and slave morality’ within a real world context. While not directly rooted in a theological base such as the example of Judaeo morality given by Nietzsche throughout The Genealogy of Morals, the National Liberation Front of the Algerian War functions on the concept of ‘good and evil,’ or the ‘slave morality’.

For them, morality lies in what is best for the whole. The concepts of self-gain, or an independent, individual good based upon what is good for…

Residents Fight to Halt Construction

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For the past few months, the residents of the small Alabama town of Beulah have found themselves thrust into a battle to hold onto their access to safe drinking water and breathable air.

This struggle began in December of 2020 when the Florence, AL, based CreekWood Resources filed for permits that would allow them to build a granite quarry located in the Beat 13 district of Beulah in Lee County, AL. The quarry’s construction is planned to begin over the summer with operations starting in the fall and will be used to mine granite before sorting and crushing it for…

Analysis & Refutal

The question being debated by Socrates and Meno throughout Plato’s “The Meno” is ultimately the question of what virtue is, though it does begin with and occasionally return to the question of whether or not virtue can be taught (Plato, 59–92). One of the first solutions given by Meno to the question of the definition of virtue is the idea that virtue exists in multiple separate forms differing between every type of individual from men and women to children and slaves. Socrates refutes this idea by creating an allegory to bees in which he posits that while they may be…

The Flaw of Locke

John Locke, in his work “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding,” works to distinguish between the identities of man (which I will henceforth refer to as humans), immaterial souls (to be onward referred to as thinking substances), and persons. Through this, he then proceeds to portray personal identity as being irrelevant to identity as a human or a thinking substance, but instead reliant wholly on sameness of consciousness. In this essay, I will proceed to first explain Locke’s views of both human identity and thinking substances before moving next into personal identity and how it exists independently from the prior. …

In Defense of Virtue Ethics

Disclaimer: I am not a proponent of Virtue Ethics. In fact, I actually heavily disagree with it. This short essay was written as a thought exercise.

One strong objection to Aristotle’s theory of Virtue Ethics is that of the priority of virtue over ethics leading to morality being arbitrary. …

In Defense of Harman

In his book, Fear of Knowledge, Paul Boghossian addresses two types of fact relativists: those who are constructivists in regard to facts and those who view individual facts as being relative to a particular theory (I will refer to these as relativists). The goal of this paper will be to address why both constructivism and relativism, according to Boghossian, are flawed as well as to compare the views to Harman’s argument for moral relativism and determine where he may fit within them.

Individuals who are fact constructivists view all facts as mind-dependent. Furthermore, they think that all facts are established…

The Indubitable Truth of an Idealist Reality

Disclaimer: I am not a proponent of Idealism in any form. In fact, I am actually a Physicalist. This short essay was written as a thought exercise.

Idealism is the most plausible viewpoint of the nature of existence as it is both enforced by an indubitable truth and capable of defending itself against criticism unlike both physicalism and dualism.

The philosophical world has been debating the nature of existence for centuries. Though many ideas have risen to provide explanations for this discussion, it has essentially boiled down to three primary areas of theory. Idealism is a position in which the…

Jamie Johnson

they/he | I’m a materialist and Luciferian who studied design and philosophy! I also organize with the Party for Socialism and Liberation & ANSWER Coalition

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